Thursday, January 8, 2009

FAQ: Pregnant yet? (seriously, this is a common question in my life)


"Giving You Too Much Information"


"Again, Not About Montana"

Answer: No. And in honor of hitting the 18-month mark here's a list.

Things that have happened already:
*A Pelvic Ultrasound
*A D & C
*A blood test
*Another blood test
*I've peed in a cup and tested that multiple times

Things that will happen next:
*More ultrasounds
*A hysterosalpingogram

I'm really unsure where all this fits into my life right now- things are still scattered in my brain, processing, not wanting to talk about it, but needing to extract it out of my head. Also, I have a strong need to document this so I can look back and remember what was going on this winter when I realize I've blocked it all out of my memory.


melanie said...

Since you brought this don't need to post this to your site...but I was Megan on Sunday. She said her and Dan were trying for 2 years before getting pregnent. She said what finally worked was acupuncture. She was pregnant within 6 months. I think I am going to do it when I start trying. I even looked it up and saw there were some places in Billings. I know, but I care about you. Okay, that is all I am going to say about it. Love you!

aunt chris said...

All I can say is it seems when you least expect it things do happen- and the old tired comment of "at least it is fun trying"......Cousin Char adopted a boy from Korea because they could not get preg and surprise had 2 girls!!
Good luck and keep cuddling because there isn't much else to do in the winter.