Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aye aye aye

I was reading past posts and realized that this blog used to be a LOT more interesting (see, um, all of May, 2008 when I was not only diagnosed with cancer and travelled to New York City with my mom and cousin, but also planned to start a ranch and raised money to go on a medical mission trip to Honduras..... yeah- not quite "read a book and cleaned a closet" was it??) I talked to Stephan about this and wondered out loud if life is really more boring now, or if I'm just not seeing all the uniqueness in our daily lives. He said it was a little of both and promptly promised not to turn into a vagina (his words, sorry mom) for the next two years while he's back in school turning into a Nurse Practitioner. Noteworthy? Maybe. Crass? Definitely. There has to be a way to catch the small things in life while they're going on so I can immortalize them on the internet. Another example? Sawyer insisted on going outside this afternoon despite the 95+ degree heat. Once out there, he ran into the grass, squatted down, and pooped (in his diaper). He looked at me and said, "poop. red. poop." which I took to mean, "look mom! I won't poop in a toilet but I will put shoes on and walk down 3 stairs to stand in the yard and poop like the dog!!" Stephan wants more blogs about our Homo Sapien Canis. It's a biology joke.

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