Thursday, September 22, 2011

Email subject: Geeeeeeze

Another succinct summing up of my night, as emailed to Stephan tonight:

Such a good day. Such a good evening......

Then I went to change the laundry. And smelled poop. Two gigantic sick dog poops on the carpet downstairs. So then I had to grab each dog and drag them downstairs to yell at them. Sawyer was freaked out- and I took Red first- when I got upstairs for Besa, Sawyer had a fist full of Besa's head trying to drag her out of the bedroom. And he said, "helping?". Ugh. I got Besa downstairs to yell, and Sawyer walked in right behind her. Eh? Kid goes down the stairs? So then everyone was in trouble. And I still had dog poop to pick up. 

So then we watched Aladdin. And now he's asleep. Whew! Cleaning the kitchen, then watching tv to numb my brain. It needs numbing. 

Hope your night involves less poop!!!


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