Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Every night that Stephan works I write him an email before I go to bed telling him a little about how the night went. As I re-read tonight's letter I thought I'd share it, since I think it really shows the tone of our life lately...

Another amazing night. We took a walk after you left. We collected more stuff, and then we found a quarter. He ran all the way back home. For dinner he ate the rest of the blueberries (sorry!!), about 1/2 a chicken breast (seriously, I don't know where he was putting it!) and then... about 1/2 cup of frozen corn. Still frozen. He wanted to eat frozen corn. And I let him. 

Then... well... then I tried to feed him one of the chewy vitamins... but it was too chewy and he choked on it. Like, honestly choking. Like, I slammed him so hard on the back it scared him into crying. But it came out so I guess I win... but still... no more chewy vitamins. I will make sure we have the liquid in stock. Until he's 15. 

We did 'mommy yoga' for about 30 minutes. The level of difficulty of the poses increases dramatically when the 2-year-old is climbing up your legs and hanging on for dear life. He rolled up the yoga mat when he wanted me to stop. I let him eat a popcicle since he was being so fun. 

Elmo bubble bath was awesome. I made it a lot warmer than normal and he LOVED it. He's wearing "Nala" pajamas (his word, not mine) that are from Ian and have a lion on them. I wrapped him in the Moose blanket to read books. Then we did songs and he told me everything he did today. On the 2nd to last song he asked to be put in the bed. He asked for the moose blanket, but I convinced him to go with the Simba blanket. I tucked him in all snuggly warm and he fell right to sleep. 

He's such an amazing kid. We are so lucky. 

But my head is filling with goo- the advil and sinus medicine isn't helping, I'm headed to bed. He didn't go down until 9:15, and it's 10pm now. Hopefully I'll get a good night sleep and kick this thing. 

Love you!!

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