Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fine Line

I've been working on this post in my head for a few days... But then I came down with a nasty respiratory infection (= a cold) and it's given me even more sleeplessness to ponder this thought:

What's the difference between motivating and nagging? Between being enthusiastic and obsessed?

I have a few hobbies in my life that tend to wax and wane. Running is one that's pretty consistent. But then there's general "working out" as evidenced by my foray into the Jillian Michaels world. Cooking at home is another favorite pass-time, not only for budget reasons, but because it's just healthier. The last few weeks brought to my attention the "Real Food" movement that tries to encourage whole, unprocessed ingredients in cooking and snacking.

I also love to have a tidy house. I wasn't doing too great with this one, so I looked up this phenomena  that adds one small house keeping chore every day until you really have a handle on life and organization. And if you know me personally you know that I live by almost every word that this guy has ever written.

But in my enthusiasm I'm afraid that I really annoy the people around me. I was once told, "Hey, can we just not talk about running anymore? Like, ever? Is that ok?" And I try to respect that. But what if I have a REALLY GREAT IDEA!!!!! that I think you'll TOTALLY LOVE!!!!!! It's not in my nature to casually mention the idea. It's in my nature to research the idea, put together a list of resources, go out and buy a binder for you, print out schedules, create a club, and mail you weekly motivating phrases to keep you motivated.

That's annoying, right?

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