Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trail Run!!

Deep breath. It's amazing how the magazines or books that sit in the bathroom can start to change your brain. This Trail Runner edition has got me thinking about taking on the Des Plaines River Trail this afternoon. It's pretty perfect. It has a trail head in the parking lot where I work. There's a section that's only 1 mile long (making a 2 mile loop) so I can start slowly. This thing is, like, 20 miles long. So I won't soon run out of trail to explore.

Thanks to living in Montana I already have North Face trail running shoes so.... Maybe I'll be one of those people who 'get in a quick run after work.'

That's so fun to say out loud!


Annie Crow said...

That sounds awesome!

When I first started running I lived out in rural Massachusetts with lots of access to trails, so that's where all my running was. Then I moved to Chicago and it's been sidewalks all the way. I wait all year for the trails I can get to when visiting my MIL in southwest Ohio.

... said...

Argh! My trail run got rained out. I was so bummed!! I put all my gear on and was ready to step out the door and it just started pouring. I also figured a washed out trail would not make a good starting point.

So I ran a 5 mile the next day and rocked it!!