Sunday, April 28, 2013


0.5 "Man, my legs are heavy today. I should have had more water this morning. I wonder if I'll warm up enough to justify this tank top. Shoot, kids playing basketball up there. Posture!"

1.0 "I love those cement geese. I'm surprised I hit 1.0 so soon. I thought it was at the end of the block. Huh. That extra half block really makes a difference. I'm doing ok- that was a 10:40 minute mile. I've got some pacing room."

1.5 "Ok. Ok. Halfway already. The wind is going to suck when I turn this corner, but the straight lines will be good for my brain. Turn up the music with all this traffic. Posture!!"

2.0 "One left. That last half-mile went really fast. If I had to, I could walk home in plenty of time. But no walking. I've got plenty of gas in the tank. 10:20 wasn't bad. That was a fast mile. I'm ok with that time."

2.5 "That's it. Cool down 1/2 mile. Right? Slow down. Slow it. Down. The hard part is over. Now cool down. Anna, slow down. You're not going to make it if you keep pushing. And you deserve the cool down."

3.0 "Ok. Done. Whew! The right leg is pretty sore. I've got to walk this out. Turn the right foot out? Does that feel better? Yeah. Turn it out. And breathe. And, done. Good sweat. Need more water. Gotta drink more water. Good run. There's the house."

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Ali K. said...

This makes me wish I'd stuck to my guns this morning and done 3 miles instead of calling it done at 2.3.