Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blogging the Truth

Running long runs with my husband rarely works. During marathon training we would get into at least one fight an hour. During the Soldier Field 10 Mile race we actually made runners around us feel uncomfortable with our bickering. By the time we get home everything is fine... however...

I've told him that he talks too much while running.

Case study: this week's 5 mile run in the slush and ice of a gently warming midwestern morning. Honestly, I wore 'cute pants' instead of 'smart pants' and was chafing only a mile into it. When I start to get miserable, I go inside my head for motivation. At the same time, Stephan begins practicing his stand-up routines. I lose my focus, start getting angry, and then just give up and walk.

Then he starts checking in with me every few minutes, requiring me to list out loud my various miseries... which brings them into sharp focus, and then... I just give up and walk.

The entire 5 miles he kept laughing at how frustrated I was getting by his constant bird-like chatter. He threatened to post the blog himself. He laughed, and acknowledged that I don't do well while he talks... and he kept talking!!

I'm still amazed we survived 6.5 hours (26.2 miles) of running straight together. Actually, I'm amazed I haven't learned my lesson by now!!


Ali K. said...

I can't decide if you're lucky or not to have a husband who runs long. Matt won't do anything over 6 miles, which has forced me to learn to run by myself. Sometimes it's lonely, but at least he doesn't spend the whole run taunting me!

Annie Crow said...

Huh. Food for thought. The Dude and I have never run long together, but our short runs have always been fine (though in the last years our runs together also involve small children and a running stroller). But earlier this week I asked if he wanted to do the Chicago Half together. Your post is a good reminder that I'll need to check in with him about what he wants/needs from me that day (I guess I'm seeing this as just a companionable run whereas for him it's the race he's training for all summer).