Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Putting the "P" in SIUP


I know it's cold all over the country right now (except, puzzlingly, for Anchorage and Florida). For some reason I can put on enough layers to keep my torso, arms, and hands warm (usually in the 4+ range), but my quads are always freezing! I've resorted to wearing three pairs of pants, and that keeps things tolerable.

But is it stopping me?

Uh, kinda. The run we left for in the picture above only netted us 2 miles. Sure it was cold, but having so many layers covering my mouth just doesn't work. And uncovering my mouth is definitely not an option. To make up the other 2 miles I drove 18 miles to my parents house to use their treadmill. Then 18 miles home. That's a little crazy.

It was my first treadmill run in over a year, and it was just as painful as I remember. That little panel is just so tempting! I can watch the seconds tick by. And the .01's of the mile. With that ability, who wouldn't watch every excruciating step. For 24ish minutes. It was a really long 24ish minutes.

The bad weather won't last forever. So I'm enjoying the badassary and photo ops while I can get them. Sweaty hot pictures in July aren't as fun.


Ali K. said...

They got some "snow" in north Florida! Even they're feeling it. It's 61 and rainy on my coast.

I don't envy you all the layers, but good job on sucking it up and using the treadmill!

Annie Crow said...

I have to play so many games with myself on the treadmill, I can't just keep a steady pace or I go nuts. And I would never drive 18 miles to go use one, if our gym weren't around the corner from us I don't know what I would do.


... said...

Hmmm... games on the treadmill (like tetris?? just kidding). Maybe I should try a little interval training next time. There WAS a good 'mill workout in Runner's World this month. Thanks for the idea!!