Sunday, January 5, 2014


No access to a treadmill means my 10 miles per week desires are not being met this week. However, I've been pretty busy, so I wanted to start figuring out what was going on...

For every hour of shoveling snow I burn a little over 400 calories.
That means that shoveling is the equivalent of running 4 miles per hour.
I've shoveled for 2.5 hours today already.... that's 10 miles today!!

So.... I win?
(This is stolen from This is also about 1/16 the amount of snow on the ground right now.)


Annie Crow said...

Total win. You've accomplished your goals for the week in one day. Time for some cookies and hot chocolate.

... said...

There has been a record amount of hot chocolate drunk in our house over the last 7 days. So yummy!