Friday, March 7, 2014


Runner's World was delivered today, and by chance I opened to Peter Sagal's article about being safely in the finish area at the Boston Marathon last year when the bombs went off. What he describes sounds like a type of survivor guilt... but a gentler form.

And I get it. It's why I always (purposely) forget to tell people I'm a cancer survivor. I just feel survivor-adjacent. But Peter Sagal is running Boston again this year. A LOT of people are running Boston again this year, to show the world that Boston will not be defeated by two villains.

And that's why I keep running (well, not a lot this week)... to show people that we're not going down without a fight. No matter what I'm surviving, I'm still running. And no matter what anyone survives, they can keep going.

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Ali K. said...

Running is the perfect symbol for life, because you're right, no matter what, we can keep going. I said it then and I'll say it again: they chose the wrong group of people to target, because runners don't quit. We eat fear and adversity for breakfast.