Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rookie Mistake

"Do you need to potty before we leave?"

No lines!

3 mile run
22 degrees with wind
actively snowing
about 2" in the street pre-and-post-snowplow

I didn't even think about it. But a mile and a half into my badassery I started to feel sharp cramps, then, slowing to a walk, realized it was my bladder sending emergency signals. I, like Neo, had to make a choice- the path to the right would bring me home in less than a mile (leaving me short of today's goal), the one on the left would finish the 1.5 mile loop.

I chose poorly. It only took another .5 mile to realize that it's impossible to do kegel exercises while running. And after an entire mile, it hurts to keep walking. I thought about trying to catch a ride with a passing snow plow, or begging a snow-blowing neighbor to let me into their house. But I did none of those. I tried to run to get home faster, but then walk to keep from peeing.

Man, I love running.


Annie Crow said...

Oh yeah, baby. I told you! Know where you can stop. I only ran routes where I knew I could find a bathroom at least every mile. Grocery stores, coffee shops, friendly gas stations, the local hospital. And it's not about remembering to pee before you head out. The motion of running plus a baby belly induces the need to pee.

... said...

I KNOW! I was thinking about that the whole way back, "Annie TOLD me this would happen!"

I run loops around my neighborhood- which is completely suburban- I need to make the loops smallllller!!!

Ali K. said...

This is when learning to pee while running/carrying TP comes in handy!!