Saturday, March 1, 2014

White Flag

Dude. Guys. Seriously. Are you ready for this? Are you sitting down? Let me explain...

The last few months I've been very whiny. I've complained about- just about- everything. The running stuff, the weather, everything. I've blamed a lot of it on the endless winter. The endless cold. The endless everything. But I've kept up the 10 miles per week for the last 7 weeks. It was a triumph. And then I bailed this week. BUT in my defense... I'm 11 weeks pregnant.

YAY!!!! Yay!!!!!! Wooo hoooo!!!! If you've been a blog fan for a while, you know this is pretty much as much of a miracle as you can get. We'd been told we had a less than 10% chance of this happening. We were ready to start looking at other options. We were saving money, we were starting to research herbs, doctors, medical procedures. We'd taken every test they could think of. And then for no apparent reason, boom. Like my brother said, "What happened? Did you pull the goalie??"

So I've been running 10 miles/week with the most insane all-day sickness. Crazy food cravings, aversions, sensitivities... lack of sleep... some of the most painful chest-related symptoms (I have not figured out what combination of sports bras I can run in), and the exhaustion. But this week I'm calling it done for now. I ran 3 this week, and I'm tapped.

I've read as many running blogs as I can find that deal with running through pregnancy. The only solid advice I've taken to heart is, "You're pregnant? Throw away your training plan, and just move at whatever your new pace is."

Which is about 12:30/mile. Doc says I can run as long as I don't get short of breath. Some days that's just walking. La la la, increasing blood volume, growing a human, etc. means my heart races sometimes at the slightest exertion.

So from now on, until the end of September, this is officially a Running While Pregnant blog. I am taking ANY AND ALL advice you guys might have, especially about what I could wear while running to make this more comfortable. I've developed an amazing set of blisters and road rashes from my sports bras.... Do I make the plunge and go for another fitting now? Do I hang my head and just walk the 10 miles a week? Annie... I'm looking at you!!


Ali K. said...

Oooh congratulations!!!! I am SO happy for you! I know at least one other woman in the Sub30 group is pregnant too (Stephanie Hamm) so she may have some information on running while pregnant and such. Unfortunately I don't have any advice, just warm wishes! Do what's right for you!

Annie Crow said...

I am so happy for you!!!

I like what your friend told you about moving at whatever your new pace is. And to expect that may change from day to day.

I didn't run much during my first pregnancy, lots of swimming and yoga instead, since Buddy sat on my sciatica throughout.

I then lost a bunch of weight (I had been trying to lose weight before getting pregnant so this was a continuation of that), but had kept my old larger sports bras, so I was able to just return to them for the duration of the second pregnancy.

I kept to very familiar routes and took walk breaks whenever I felt like it. I also made sure I knew where to find restrooms!

Wishing you all luck and enjoyment!