Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Activity Tracker

This post is NOT sponsored. I was not given anything free to write up my assessment of this product. Here are the features of my new activity/mood tracker (yes!! it tracks my moods!! Read on!):

-Makes a loud noise if I sit still for too long
-Provides detailed back and arm-strength weight training
-Requires me to walk several miles a day at a very moderate pace
-Becomes very hostile if I start to get stressed
-Demands resting at regular intervals in a quiet place
-Encourages dressing and presenting myself as-is... no faking 'awake' with mascara

I think you get the idea. This baby has taught me more about my patterns of daily living than any wrist-bound tool I've ever heard of. If I just go with his demands, we are all much happier.


Ali K. said...

LMAO I love this so much. Tell me, what's the battery life and recharge time on this new fitness tracker?!

... said...

Ugh... That seems to be one of the glitches, there's no battery indicator. So one minute it's full of energy and the next minute it crashes completely- almost to the point of melting down. And there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it. No predictability. Sigh.

Annie Crow said...

Love this post and the follow up comments!