Thursday, February 5, 2015

No One Asked Me

I'm about to rant because I feel like I can't protect my baby, and that is a terrible feeling.

Here's the deal. We are healthy, proactive people in our house. Yes, I worked hard to prepare for completely natural child birth(s). And yes, I nursed Sawyer until after his first birthday, and I'm on-track to do the same for Adam. We eat minimally processed food (mostly)- lately more vegetarian than meat-focused. Since I'm home so often, I do my best to avoid fast and processed food (but sometimes we eat at McDonalds). We take vitamins (almost every day). We drink water (but sometimes soda).

And Stephan is a primary care provider. And I'm a massage therapist. We don't do a lot of pain-killers here. We avoid antibiotics (Sawyer has never had them). And I made all my own baby food.

AND I VACCINATED MY G-D D-MN KIDS!!!!! So why am I hiding in my house to keep my baby safe? I can't protect him from everything. But I thought we, as a people, had this vaccination thing down. Was I nervous about shooting drugs into my first baby? Yes! So I read books, journal articles, and talked to doctors. Armed with all of that information, Stephan and I were confident that what we were told by the government and our doctors was sound.

I just want my baby to be healthy. People are deciding things based on incomplete, or just plain wrong information, and their decisions could have a terrible effect on my baby. It makes me so mad. Sorry for the rant- I just needed to type through this one.


Annie Crow said...

Yes. It sucks. Feel free to rant away.

Ali K. said...

I don't have kids, so I can't really say that I know how you're feeling. But I do totally agree with you! It's so frustrating that people who can get vaccinated are choosing not to and putting everyone else at risk!