Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Your Perfect Baby"

I've been mentally collecting phrases for a few weeks now. "Your perfect baby" is one of them. "He's always smiling!" and "He just never cries does he?" And the one that really helped me put this all together, "All his pictures on Facebook are so beautiful!"

Well, duh. I get to pick what pictures get put on the internet... and I'm not going to pick ones where he is screaming his head off. Also, who takes pictures of babies screaming their heads off?? The face we present to the world is not usually the "I'm falling apart" face. (Or even the macaroni-pants face) Of course I "look nice" when I'm at church... if I didn't get to comb my hair, I would probably stay home. And yeah, those pictures you see are really cute. I chose the nice ones.

Facebook is not "RealLife book." Can you just imagine if a camera took random pictures of you during the day and posted them to the internet?? Holy bells- that would show a totally different life. I think that's the point of all of those "you never know what's going on beneath the surface" quotes. Because yes, this baby has been known to cry for 4-6 hours at a time for no reason. And yes, he's been eating every 90 minutes this week. Have I showered lately?? I'll get back to you. But I really hope that people aren't looking to the "profiles" of their friends on the internet to compare their life and get the truth of reality.

Maybe I'll give up quotation marks for Lent.


Annie Crow said...

There is a book called "Reasons My Kid Is Crying". I think I've read it standing up in bookstores at least a couple of times now (I should just buy the damn thing). It's pictures of babies and toddlers around the world in mid-cry along with the actual reason why they are. Such as, "My cheese broke in half". I swear, just remembering this book exists gets me through some of the worst moments with my youngest.

... said...

"My cheese broke in half" is my new life motto.