Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Product Review

Because it's 9:30pm and BOTH BOYS ARE ASLEEP IN BEDS. Yes. We did the sleep training stuff with the baby over the long weekend and lots of prayers and whatever other magic happened and he got with the program within 20 minutes the first night. Since then it's been amazing. He cries for not even 5 minutes and is out for up to SIX HOURS. Yes. He slept for SIX HOURS the other night.

Anyway, for Mother's Day my mom gave me a Fitbit One. She asked me to research Fitbits for her, and when I compared and contrasted them online we came up with the two most useable ones. She kept one, and gave me the other one. I waited an entire month to write this just to make sure I loved it as much as I thought I did.

And I do. I love that I can see my steps during the day. I love that I can stuff it in a pocket while I'm doing massage (although it doesn't count massaging as "stepping" so that's a bummer). I TOTALLY love the app that I'm addicted to where I input all my foods and water for the day and it automatically tracks my calories in vs calories out. I've never been good at counting calories. And maybe I'm still not great at it. But it's been amazing for me to see what foods I eat a ton of for almost no calories (air-popped popcorn anyone??) and what foods I indulge in that cost me an entire day of walking (french fries are the DEVIL). I'm a numbers person, so I'm totally motivated by thinking about the calorie deficit I need to maintain in order to lose weight.

So far I've lost 6lbs this month.

The saddest part is realizing that the old saying of "weight is lost in the kitchen" is completely true. I once ate french fries for lunch and figured I would just walk them off later. Nope. 3 miles later I wasn't back to baseline. Food is SO much easier consumed than burned.

I'm still not running, so getting the 5 miles (about 10,000 steps) a day is really hard. Luckily, when I sit on the exercise ball to soothe the baby it thinks I'm walking, so I can get a few extra steps in that way. I don't feel like it's cheating since bouncing takes a lot of coordination and core strength.

Wow. A coherent blog post. See what happens with sleep and a quiet house??? I may run for president next.

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Annie Crow said...

We sleep trained both our kids and it's the one thing I recommend most to new parents. (We used the "Healthy Sleep Happy Baby" book). Emotionally it feels hard to trust at first BUT oh my god it really works (and it didn't take long with either of our kids so we didn't have to go through much discomfort once we decided to start). And now at 6 and 3 both our kids sleep great and we haven't had to go through any of the crap I hear other parents talking about.

Yes, once I got serious about getting to "performance weight" it was clear I needed to be a lot more careful in my food choices, exercise alone wasn't going to do it. The funny thing though is that as I did I felt so much better anyway, weight loss aside, so though I slide at times I really do look forward to eating better again. And I've gone through rounds of it - cutting back on sugar made me more aware of how I feel when I eat refined grains, which then made me more aware of how I feel when I eat more heavily processed grains (even if "whole"), etc. Which is not to say I don't eat these things, just not as much and a lot more selectively.

I wish you many more nights of sleep!