Friday, August 1, 2008

Farmer Dan

We have a friend named Dan, and he is, surprisingly, a farmer. He grows things like peas and wheat. Thursday morning he was harvesting Winter Wheat, which is a grain that's planted in the fall and harvested... right now! He was driving a really large John Deere Combine and invited us to take a ride on it. It looked just like this! It had a little GPS-looking thing with an automatic steering thingie that, once Farmer Dan drove around the perimeter of the field, automatically drove up and down in perfect rows.

I learned a lot that day, none of which I wrote down, or took photos of. The most interesting part to me was that if a farmer puts $100 into an acre of wheat he may, after rent or land ownership, is $106. Geeze. With 200-1000 acres per farmer that's not a lot of income. You can see, then, why American farming is NOT growing quickly.

I also learned a lot about the difference between organic and non-organic farming, but I forgot most of it. Sorry.

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