Monday, April 18, 2011

The 20

I've been on a little bit of a haitus since last week's 20-mile run. It was mostly awesome. We were well-carbed, well-hydrated, the weather was nice (although a little warm for us), and we had our path all set up.

We ran the DuPage County Prairie Path again. It was about 70F, and sunny. We put sunblock on, but it sweat off in the first hour. The run was a simple 10 miles out, 10 miles back. Stephan packed Snickers bars, GU gels, and two bottles of water in a fanny pack.

I packed..... myself.
(Cute, no?)

We got to the 10 mile turn around and stopped at a 7-11. Stephan ran in to restock our liquids and I paced outside and ate my Snicker bar. Back on the trail I got heartburn really badly at mile 13. Really bad. I think it was because I had been drinking mostly sports drinks, and no water. Plus the Snicker bar. But I refuse to blame the chocolate.

So, mile 13 was where the wheels fell off. Way off. I stopped running. Stephan said it was ok to hurt, but we HAD to keep moving. I started crying. I didn't want to move. He didn't understand. Moving was a no-no. I didn't understand. We HAD to keep moving.

I didn't speak to him for the next 4 miles. But I moved my body those 4 miles. When we stopped at the bar for more whisky and water I perked up and started to feel amazing. We ended the 4 hour run at a fast(ish) 11:30 pace, with smiles on our faces.

So all this begs the question (and a poll! How long has it been since I've put a poll up here?)


Anonymous said...

I say ZERO! Why don't you have zero as a choice?

Aunt Lynn

... said...

Because when I finish all 26.2 miles, I will definitely cry out of happiness. So there's one.

Anonymous said...

I say 2 taking into account the crying that will go on at the end. I think the first time will be somewhere around the half way point when she realizes she still has 13.1 miles left to go. Does the whiskey / water mixture really help? 

Keep it up!

... said...

Am I cheating by telling you that Stephan's vote is for twice? Once during the race and once at the end.