Friday, April 8, 2011

Winner Winner!!

You guys know that I run with the Nike+ sensor in my shoe. It links with a receiver in my iPod which uploads to the Nike website and keeps track of all my stats. There is a whole Nike+ community that hangs out and does little competitions and stuff. I've entered into a few of them (never won) just to participate and have a little extra motivation.

Once in a while the Nike company sponsers a competition and offers prizes. I've done a bunch of these, but the one for March was actually a real challenge: 50 miles in 3 weeks. Luckily, we're training for this-here marathon and Stephan and I actually did run 50 miles in 3 weeks. Almost 2,000 people qualified for the drawing.

And then I got this in my email.

"Hi Nike+ Runner

Congratulations! You’re a Winner in the Nike+ ‘In Like a Lion’ Challenge on!

As a result of your hard work, you’ve won a pair of Nike Lunar Haze running shoes that are compatible with Nike+!"

Once I replied to the email the following was posted the the Nike Running website:

I'm so excited!! I won something!! Not only that, but the shoes should be here a few weeks after the race, so it's an amazing reward for me!! La la la! Exciting!

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