Friday, April 22, 2011


Days. This time next week Stephan and I will be sitting in a hotel room in Nashville, bellies full of carbs, legs well rested and toned and ready for the Big Race. This week is a really short running week. 3, 5, 3, 5. I'm skipping the 3 mile run for today because I did a bunch of squats yesterday accidently while taking a walk with Sawyer.

This is scary. For weeks and weeks we kept increasing the mileage. After the 20 I KNEW that the 26 was totally possible. But it's been two weeks since I've put in a distance run and I'm getting scared that I'll forget how to run a distance race. I already feel out of practice.

It's like we've spent all this time and sweat climbing up a gigantic mountain and now it's time to enjoy parachuting off the top of it. There's such a difference between the hard work of the climb, and the complete trust of the jump. I didn't expect this letting go to be so hard for me. I really thought I would feel relief.

Always something new!!

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