Monday, April 25, 2011

5 days

Last night I started really planning the road-trip part of this run. I got chills and an adrenalin rush just thinking about it. There's a rental car involved... snacks... possibly a cab at 6am... Clothes to pack... baby stuff to pack... but oddly enough, very little running going on this week. If you've ever planned for something really big and life changing you know that the 'work' part of things usually ramps up to a hysterical pace right before it's over.

This resting is making me crazy. I keep thinking I need to prep more right now. Shouldn't I be running an 18 or a 20 this week? Nope. A 10? Nope.

The weather in Nashville is going to be another player over the weekend. It was 80+ degrees last weekend but I've purposely stayed away from weather reports lately. It really doesn't matter what the weather is. We still need to drink lots of water, dress to ward off the sun and keep the chill off, and of course, wear shoes and hats.

Stephan read this post over my shoulder and wants me to type, "It's a good thing I'm not obsessing." But I think I'm just being a good journalist. As with the move to Baker, I know I'll look back on this post one day an smile or laugh at how intense my brain got about the entire process.

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