Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Home Stretch

On Saturday, Stephan and I ran 18 miles. In a row. Outside. Together. 18 miles was pretty amazing. The day was beautiful, sunny, cool, some clouds... We ran on the DuPage County Prairie Path. We left from Elmhurst and ran West 3 miles, then turned around. We stopped to pee at a bar. We got back to the car and fueled up with some water and energy gel. We ran back out West 3 more miles, then stopped at a Quick Mart for water.

Here's the thing... we didn't have cash on us- just Stephan's credit card. And it turns out the guy had a $10.00 minimum on credit card purchases. So we picked up two Snicker bars... and... we couldn't eat or drink any more... we couldn't carry anything with us...

So we bought two air-plane bottles of Jim Beam and drank them in the store. Woot!!

We ran the next 3 miles out to I355 and turned around to head back the final 6 miles. With only 3 left to go, we passed the bar again, and Stephan had to pee again. So... this time we felt bad and wanted to buy something... so... another 2 shots of Jack Daniels!! We got a round of applause from the patrons at the bar, and finished the 18 very strong.

(Ok, maybe not really all that strong, I did quite a bit of whining during that last mile. My legs hurt, my arms were numb, I was getting cold, my feet hurt, etc. etc. etc. Stephan told me to consider staying quiet about all that. I replied that I would NOT suffer in silence.)

This week we're running 5, 10, 4, and twenty. The 20 is the longest run we're doing before the big party. After that, we have 2 weeks of "easier" runs, and then one little week before the 26.2. Wow. Woot!

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