Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not Freaking Out

As I typed the title to this post, it came to my attention that there is another post with this exact same title floating around this blog. I'll have to find it so I can remember what else I've NOT freaked out about.

Because, right now... I'm totally freaking out. I'm trying to pack but I keep stalling out, staring at the list and thinking that there HAS to be more to this whole thing than just running shoes, underware, shorts and a t-shirt. But that's it. As Stephan says repeatingly, "Shut up and put your shoes on."

Part of the challenge is that the race organizers are proving SO much of what we are used to packing, carrying, stashing, or wishing we brought with us. It's such a different run. Hopefully this means that thoe whole thing will be simple!!

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