Thursday, June 28, 2012


Today's run was supposed to be 10 miles.

That is NOT happening.

THIS is happening -------------------------------------------->;

I'm a smart girl. Sawyer fell asleep for his nap and instead of gearing up and going for a run today, I'm drinking water and sitting in a dark room. I can run later. Much later. When it gets cooler out. This would just be setting myself up for a failure.

I'm also checking out my fundraising goals and making sure I've got my head in the fundraising game for the next 22+ days. "Massage for Donation" is going really well. I'm right on target to hit my goal in the next 2 weeks. Yippie!!

Once this race is over on July 22nd I'm going to have to sit back and plan the rest of the "year" as far as running goes. Do I run more? Raise more money? Volunteer more? Or do I maintain my fitness and just focus on home more? Good thing I have 22+ more days before I have to think about it!!

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