Friday, June 8, 2012

Pant pant pant!

It's HOT! Drink more water. Be more careful. Put on more sun block. Wear more hats.

I'm volunteering at the North Shore 1/2 Marathon on Sunday morning at a water/aid station. I'm excited, but nervous. I've never volunteered for anything like this before, and I get WAY nervous meeting new people. So I'll be sweating before I start sweating.

If anyone out there wants to help out let me know!! It's a water station sponsored by....

(Have I over-used this logo enough yet??)


Annie Crow said...

Good advice!

And have fun! Volunteering at races is awesome. And so inspiring!

... said...

It was amazing!! Now I'm hooked and want to do it all the time (especially now that I know to use different cups for water and gatorade).