Monday, June 4, 2012


Hee hee. It's like DNation (for DetermiNation) but M for Motivation.

We, in the Koruba household, don't take half measures. Which is why I'm planning to attend a DetermiNation planning meeting this week. Because, you know, it's not an obsession unless you really REALLY dedicate yourself to it. And I think I'm ready to be obsessed with Fighting Cancer. There are reasons for this. Here is a list.

1. I sat in the sun with Sawyer for 10 minutes this morning without sunblock on. It was nice, but it freaked me out. Four years post melanoma the sun is still my enemy despite being told that it was "more of an immune system thing than a sun thing." I'm still not taking chances.

2. It's so easy to relax. Not run. Not put on the sunblock. Eat the pizza. Watch the reality TV. I need to remember what's at stake here. Reading amazing blog posts reminds me what I have to lose.

3. When I read The Emperor of All Maladies I realized that it only takes one stroke of genius to cure cancer. But it takes millions of dollars to research, test, and refine it. It also only takes one kind word to calm someone who is afraid, but it takes money to put the information and support groups together as well.

There's my 1-2-3 for my new obsession. Now put your shoes on.

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Annie Crow said...

Great reasons, great post.