Saturday, June 16, 2012

Well, When You're Hot...

The real solution to crushing disappointment (no drama here!) is to put your shoes on and go for another run. While you're at it, go for your long run, just to make sure that you still rock the world.

You know, when your 4 mile run has you in tears, finishing an 8 mile run two days later in amazing time, with a SPRINT at the end for good measure... it really does boost one's confidence. So that's what I did. Granted, it was 10 degrees cooler, but I changed my mantra. Ready for this one?

"Can you go any slower?"

If the answer was yes, which is usually was, I then laughed back at myself, "then do that!" And keeping the pace as slow as I could I had plenty of juice at the end. There were technical difficulties with my iPod and Nike+ not tracking accurately, so I did my best to estimate how far I went. Turns out I went 0.3 miles FURTHER than I was supposed to! So yeah, I'm totally feeling HOT HOT HOT now!

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Annie Crow said...

Yes! Exactly!

Also good to repeat at the start of long races.