Monday, July 9, 2012


When I got home from work today I had both an email and a phone call from a DetermiNation team leader. She was asking me if I would be willing to "share my story" at the team pasta dinner before the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon. It would be a 5-7 minute speech that would need to include some of the ways I used the ACS services.

I like talking to people. I like advocating for a cause I believe in. But am I exploiting my situation for attention? So many people have had more amazing Cancer Journeys than I have. They've lost more, they've fought harder, they've.... just.....  more.

The last time I was asked to "share my story" this is what I said:
"I had cancer, now I don't. I run because I can, and I raise money so other people can do the same."

What would I do with the other 4 minutes and 40 seconds?

You read this blog. You know I'm totally going to do it. But I just wanted to get some of my fears out into the cosmos before I call this lady back.

I feel like I survived the equivalent of getting drafted, then getting sent home for having flat feet. It was scary for a minute, but then nothing happened and I was fine.

I wish we could burn all those Cancer draft cards.

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