Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two lines!!

(Stephan says if you have to explain a joke, then it's not funny.... I wanted the title of the post to be something about getting a 'positive' response to my speech... and like, "two lines" is when you get a positive pregnancy test, but I'm not pregnant so I don't want anyone to get confused. So does this mean it's not a funny joke?)

I've forced many people to read my speech. Everyone likes it!! In a few hours I have to participate in a conference call to run through the night's events. It's going to be in the 100's for temperature, so my taper week is turning into a 'stop running' week. I know I have to pay attention to my nutrition this week and focus on high density carbs (wheat, whole-grain stuff) so I have fuel in the tank for all 13 miles. Oh, and here is the course map if you are interested in where we'll be going.

The ACS sent out our schedule for the weekend and listed their cheer stations. I'm excited to see friendly faces as I run. This race will be weird for me since it's the first one that I'm doing completely by myself. I'm a little worried about driving home after the run- usually I'm totally uncoordinated and a hot mess, but there's a concert afterward, and plenty of places to sit and rest up to make sure I'm solid before getting back in the car.

Oh, the concert? Yeah, Cobra Starship is the headliner and they start at 10am, so I better be done running by then!!

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