Monday, July 23, 2012

FAQ's: RnR 1/2

Q: Did you want to finish in a specific time?
A: I was aiming for less than 2 hours 45 minutes, but, as always, the real goal was to finish feeling good enough to be a good parent later in the day.

Q: Do you think I could run a marathon?
A: Yes. Finishing a marathon is just a matter of dedicating yourself to your training. 

Q: Does your foot still hurt where the surgeries were?
A: Sometimes. It's a different width than the left one, so I'm still trying to find good shoes. 

Q: What does your doctor think about you doing so much stuff outside?
A: He's excited that I'm maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He cautions me about being outside during the middle of the day and appreciates that I'm diligent with sunblock. 

Q: Do you want to run another marathon?
A: Yes, definitely. But it takes a lot of scheduling, so it'll be a while.

Q: What's your next race?
A: I have no idea. Maybe the Schaumburg 1/2 again at Thanksgiving. 

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