Friday, August 10, 2012


Yeah, that stands for "eff you Nike+". I know my system for tracking my pace and distance isn't the best. I hold my iPod Touch in my left hand and strap it down with a shoelace (to my credit, it's a DetermiNation shoelace). It doesn't have GPS, and I don't really have the distances of my route memorized. So today when I hit what I thought was 1.0 miles, and it only gave me 0.9, I knew I was going to be in trouble.

I know I ran 3.5 today. BUT there is something so sad about not getting credit for it. It's such a let down!! And to add to that I don't have an accurate measurement of my pace.

I should just use a map and a watch. Seriously. Fun+.

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Annie Crow said...

I know it must seem hopelessly old-fashioned these days, but I just use a map and watch. The map, at least, is online, through the US Track & Field website, and I can save my routes (I copy the link and email it to myself).