Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Massage & Running

Two of my favorite things!! What should you know if you're a runner and want to improve your life? Well, here are my favorite FAQ's!

Q. How often should I get a massage?
A. At least once a month if you're only moderately active. But if you're training for something, at least twice a month.

Q. Who should I call for a massage?
A. Look for 2 things.  The first thing is price. You definitely want to set up appointments that are affordable to maintain. A massage once a year that's $150 is nice, but chances are, you can't afford $150 twice a month. The second thing is the experience of the therapist with the issues you are having.

Q. Great- so how do I find a good therapist?
A. ASK the person who answers the phone a few questions. How long has the therapist been working there? What type of client do they normally see? You don't want a massage therapist who sees 90% geriatric clients for your sports massage. Also, how much experience does the therapist have with your specific sport. I, obviously, know a lot about the ups and downs and cycles of training for a race because I'm a runner.

Q. Since I'm a runner, I want work on my glutes and hips. Is this awkward to ask for?
A. No!! If your therapist is professional they will have experience with those areas and will know how to tuck in the sheet to make you very comfortable.

Q. What if I don't like what the therapist is doing?
A. TELL THEM. Our feelings don't get hurt. Say things like, "Hey, could you go a little higher on my leg?" or "That area is a little sensitive, can you use less pressure?" or "I'm a little cold, can you turn the heat up?"

Q. When should I get a massage?
A. On your off day, OR AFTER your long run. If your long run is Sunday morning then get the massage either Sunday night or some time on Monday. You don't want to get a massage the day before a hard workout. You need to schedule the massage so your body can rest and heal for about 24 hours afterward.

Any more questions?

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