Monday, August 13, 2012


More initials!! These stand for Most Viewed Post. Can you guess what it is? You'll never guess.

It's this post from 2008 when Stephan and I learned all about rodeo. There are a lot of pictures in it, which is why it gets the most Google hits.

The second most read is How to Cook Antelope for obvious reasons. Unfortunately for many people, the conclusion to that post is to simply NOT eat antelope!

The third one is again about rodeo.

And the fourth one is the most interesting to me. Every year about this time the hits sky rocket for this post. It's a summary of the Sun Dance Stephan and I were invited to. I couldn't take any photos, and I really couldn't post many details. But still, people who search for the Lakota Sun Dance South Dakota seem to find their way there every year.

And the last one is a funny post I wrote to my mom about the cleanliness of our house.


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