Friday, August 31, 2012

This Post will be Deleted on Tuesday...

[I'm leaving this post here for now, since it's all part of the Journey. But the nurse called back this morning FINALLY and said it was simply Seborrheic keratosis a very common type of benign growth in adults]

But for now, I'm sitting still on a Friday night wondering what the biopsy results are from a little mole taken off of my cheek TWO MONDAYS AGO.

Someone knows. I called twice today. The nurse on the phone called me back and said, "The results are here, but the doctor has to call you about them."

This is going on record as the dumbest stupid thing any medical professional could have ever said to me ever ever ever*. So... you know the answer. And... you're not going to tell me. And... it's a Friday before a three day weekend. And... "the doctor has to call you" really just tells me that it's bad news.

Here are a few other things she could have said:

1. "Oh, Mrs. Koruba. Yes, we have them in, and the doctor still needs to review them. He's booked up today, it might not be until Tuesday. Would you like me to speak with him and see if it's ok for me to just call you back this afternoon?" [yes, I know this might technically be illegal. I'm willing to take that chance]

2. "Hmm, Mrs. Koruba... nope, I don't see that we have them yet. Why don't you call back on Tuesday?" [yes, I know this is lying, but it would have made me feel better]

3. "Hold on, let me get the doctor on the phone for you."

4. "Hey, yeah. I see that we have them in, and everything is fine, but the doctor specifically wanted to go over a few of the details with you himself. I'll make sure he calls you first thing on Tuesday."

*actually, a doctor once looked me straight in the eyes and said, "You know, the first step is acceptance." THAT was the dumbest thing ever. This is the second.


Annie Crow said...

Sorry! Wishing you peace this weekend.

... said...

Thank you so much!