Monday, August 20, 2012

More Being

It's raining. The iPod can't go in the rain (something about eating after midnight, too). My face hurts too. So many excuses!!

Also, I wanted to share this story...

One day after being told to "Just Be Anna" I was at the bank. The teller is a nice young woman who I see there all the time. She glanced in my wallet and saw a photo of Sawyer as a baby. She asked if she could see it closer.

I also have a fortune cookie fortune below the photo. It's a little personal, something no one really sees, but I look at and find inspiration from all the time. I couldn't decide if I should share it with her or not. I mean, I was at the bank.

I told her, "The fortune says, 'All things are impossible, until they are not.'"

The teller asked, "Oh, was he a miracle baby?"

I answered, "Um, kind of.

And then the bank teller broke down and told me she was SO glad to know that, because she sees Sawyer all the time, and it's so hard to be disappointed all the time, and she knows that God has a plan, but it's just so frustrating... She thanked me over and over again for showing her the fortune cookie.

So glad I was Anna at that moment. I love those moments.

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Annie Crow said...

How amazing that you could be helpful to that woman by "just being you". There's no way you could have known... (This post made me choke up and I don't even have miracle babies - they're miracles but not in that way.)