Saturday, April 6, 2013

Like a Boss

A photo for Stephan
Want to up your badassery levels for the day?

1. Go online and find a sled hill near your house.
2. Put your shoes on.
3. Run to it.
4. Run up it.
5. Run down it.
6. Repeat as necessary.
7. Run home.

Note: On Facebook I gave gigantic shoutouts to Ali K. for highlighting my blog on her own blog. I'm still walking on clouds thinking that more than my mom reads the blog. It really inspires me to keep looking around my world for fun things to write about.

And if you didn't click on that link, click on this one to check out all the fun Ali has with running and racing and compression socks. I bought lime green socks yesterday with her in mind.

1 comment:

Ali K. said...

If only I had a hill around me...All I have is the interstate overpass, and that barely deserves to be called a bridge.

Thanks for the shout out :o)