Thursday, April 4, 2013

Overheard: Shots

Me: ... So how is whisky different from Scotch?

Him: Um, Scotch is whisky.

Me: Then what is bourbon?

Him: How are you an adult?


Ali K. said...

Scotch is made in Scotland exclusively. Whisky, no "e" is Scottish Scotch.

Whiskey with an "e" is made outside of Scotland and know...related to Scotch, but isn't REAL Scotch because it's not made in Scotland...

I studied abroad in Edinburgh and learned all this, but it's really confusing so just enjoy the drink and try not to think too much about it haha.

... said...

Ooh. An expert!!

My husband loved that this post was my response to your shout-out about being inspirational. I really tried to think of something else that wasn't something a college frat kid would write but.... what comes out of my head into my fingers lives forever online!!