Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother's Day.

One of the hardest parts about being Stephan & Anna and living in Montana is not procrastinating when holidays are coming up. We're the epitome of last minute shoppers. I remember our first Christmas together when we rushed around on Christmas Eve trying to find a Taco Bell that was open and selling gift certificates. Last Christmas it was the beginning of December when we started ordering things online, but we still didn't manage to get everything out by the Big Day.

On Tuesday night I thought we were totally good ordering Mother's Day gifts over the internet. Tuesday! That's like, 4 whole shipping days before Sunday. The excitement was in the air while I didn't have to click on "overnight delivery" for anything. Yippie!

Except when we called Stephan's mom this morning, she hadn't received her flowers yet. I tracked the shipment on to discover that, although I paid for 2-day delivery, the "delivery date" had been "modified" by UPS.


But Happy Mother's Day to our moms, our friends who are moms, our sisters(in-law) who are moms, people who are gonna be moms, people who HAVE moms, and people who like moms. I hope all your brunches/dinners/Chinese Food take-outs were fun this weekend.

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