Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Throw Your Hands in the Air

Like you Just Don't Care....

(Sorry, something about codeine just makes everything sound like a 90's rap song)

We had a crazy weekend. Literally, crazy. Saturday involved some people taking off their underwear and dancing about, Sunday started WAY too early (8am) for me and continued with a branding (photos to come). Sunday night ended with a sobering but deeply moving tribute to people who've passed away, and Monday... Monday sucked. But it's Tuesday night now, and I've got so much to type that I couldn't do it all justice. I'll try posting photos, stories and information as the words congeal tomorrow.

Until then, get out your SPF50 because the sun, she's a shining out in Big Sky Country.

I just realized that the 10-day forecast calls for rain every single day and night for the next 10 days. So, perhaps just a wide-brimmed hat will do for now.


Kimberly said...

Sounds like Puget Sound Region of WA. We might get one day of sun and then it's either raining or overcast. This is way more than it used to be. It's been Winter way too long over here. We need some sun finally.

Oh, I found your profile because of your occupation. I'm also a massage therapist over here. How long have you been practicing? I've been for 5 yrs now. (=

... said...

Hey Kimberly! I've been working here in Montana for just over a year, and before that I was in Chicago for about a year... so that's two years already! Amazing! I'd love to chat more about the profession, etc. Please email me: