Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2 Truths

1. I am not invincible.

2. My husband loves me VERY much.

Regarding #1- I thought that merely 5 days after minor foot surgery I would be able to take on a full client load (5 clients for 4.5 hours of massage). I was going to do this by propping my right knee on a rolling stool and dragging it around the table, all while maintaining proper form. Proper form usually means bent knees, weight in the heels, arms being an extension of your legs and back. Like Tai Chi. I was wrong. I was very wrong.

At lunch I went upstairs to the ER with a little humility in my face (i.e. tears) and explained to Stephan that I couldn't work. This brings me to point #2.

Stephan knew that if he'd suggested or even mentioned that me trying to work was out of the question I would just get angry and try to prove him wrong. Instead of starting a fight he bit his tongue, and let me come to my own conclusions. When I was ready to listen to him, he gently explained that if I was his patient, I would have been told to stay in bed, gently work on stretching and adding pressure to the foot, and to take things easy for a few days.

He also asked me to imagine that one of my clients had tried to pull something like this. What would I say?? I'd say she had some issues.

So, Internet. Just to get it all out there- I'm laying in bed today. The dishes aren't done. The laundry isn't getting washed. The vacuum cleaner is just sitting there by itself. I can't say I'm happy about it, but I understand that this is what it means to actually take care of myself.

So there.

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