Monday, May 19, 2008

Overheard: At a Party**

Friend #1: So... what did you do to your foot?

Me: Uh...

Brother: Skin CANCER!

Party Guests: [laughing] That's funny!

Me: It's true.

Party Guests: [Stunned, awkward silence]

Brother: Yeah, she's being a total baby about it.

Party Guests: [nervous laughter]

{{{ Several minutes later }}}

Friend #2 (was in the bathroom): Hey, what did you do to your foot?

Party Guests in unison: Skin CANCER!

Friend #2: [laughing] No, really, what was it?

Party Guests: [shaking heads] That's it.

Friend #2: Oh. Sorry.

**My Dad heard this story and thought it was really funny. I tried to make this funny, but I think it's one of those where you had to be there. On a side note, hello Val! It was great to meet you!


Kristenanne said...

The lessons taught to us through the innocent are always the best kind. Here's to your brother learning from mine?!!!
Thanks again for coming over, it was my special treat of the night. Even if you were totally wacked out on foot pain medication. J/k...out of the two Gavula's, you were most appropriate and he was on good behavior.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anna! I enjoyed meeting you, even if you were hopped up on pain meds! I love it that you always intro'd yourself as Jim's BIG sister! Get well fast!

... said...

Thanks guys!! It was nice to just hang out for a while. I hope we didn't talk too much!! As we drove away I was kinda worried that we were being 'entertainers' instead of just guests...

And I AM Jim's big sister. So much more mature and everything ;-)