Monday, December 15, 2008

FAQ: Is it as Cold there as they say it is?

Answer: OMG, YES!!!

The air temp was -20F today. And that was the high. The high people. Last night I had on long underwear, sweatpants and jeans and was still cold... inside. We're way past frozen toothpaste. It did snow this weekend but only 6"-8". Just like last year it's blowing around everywhere. In the morning it might be piled against the garage, at night it's all up against the back door. Whenever they say we'll have snow the truth is that the whole town shares the same 12" of it. It just takes turns blowing to everyone's house. No need to shovel.

Also, Stephan wants me to write about the dog baths he gave tonight. It was a two-step process. First he whitewashed them both in the snow drift outside our house (which they appreciated), then he showered them inside in the shower. It looks like big foot scrubbed up in there. Icky.

But it's not as bad as it would have been if the dogs had been allowed to lay their poop-covered butts on the bed tonight.

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