Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last Minute

So it's December 21st- you have only 4 more days until Christmas. If you live in Baker or Plevna, and can't get to Billings, Miles City, or Dickinson (where the Wal-Marts and malls are) your options are limited. If you live in Chicago, you're probably snowed in. Here are a few really good ideas for gifts if you need them- all of them are way cool ways to donate to charities in the name of people you love.

Animal Lovers: The Illinois Doberman Rescue takes donations all year long, and even has a calendar to purchase! Want to buy someone a puppy? DON'T!! Instead, donate all the supplies to IDR+ and let the family/friend decide for themselves if they are ready for the responsibility of a pet.

People Lovers: Heifer International is a wonderful project that doesn't "give a man a fish" it "teaches a man how to fish" by bringing in the livestock native to poor populations and teaching the community how to use its new resources. You can make an online donation to purchase bees, ducks, goats, or cows, and then email or print up a certificate suitable for gift-giving.

Food Lovers: Feeding America helps put food on the table of in-need Americans. Especially with the rising cost of food, and the economic suck that's going on- instead of buying that Apple-bee's gift certificate, give food to people who need it.

Lost Lovers: The American Cancer Society... gosh, I don't know what else to say about them. They help educate people with cancer, help research cures for cancer, and are really the go-to people when the doctor is looking at you and using the C-word.

Child Lovers: Save the Children is that one you see on TV where you can sponsor a child, get their photo, get letters from them, etc. Sure, you often donate once and then ignore all their subsequent spamming, but even that first donation really helps kids across the world (this can also be an excellent teaching-tool for younger kids, having them learn about the country and culture of their "adopted" friend).

So take a look at those last few people on your list, go get your credit card and/or your telephone and do some online shopping on this cold cold day. You won't even have to pay for rush delivery!!

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