Thursday, December 4, 2008

'Nother Thursday Night

Stephan's gone for the night working in Billings, so to keep myself occupied I turned on The Return of the King. I think I've seen this move at least 4 times, and each time I start crying right at the part when the two little Hobbits run forward to try to distract all the Orcs so their friends can destroy the ring.

Whoever planned and executed that shot was brilliant. There's 10,000 bad guys, 5,000 good guys and the background of the dark city of Mordor and two tiny people running forward to save their friends.

I also love when Eowyn says, "I am no man."

I think that's the one line I remember from the Disney read-along tapes of LOTR that's stuck with me all these years. "Gonna kill the king? Think you're invincible? Well BOO-YA! How does my sword taste now Bee-otch?"

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