Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tourism Brochure

Come to Montana! Visit the historic West! Included in your visit will be:

Dinner at the infamous Plevna Bar!

Drunk Wii bowling!

Stay at the Plevna bed and breakfast (animal allergies not recommended)!!

Enjoy cowboy coffee while wading ankle deep in cow-poop to watch a cattle branding.

Tour of the 100-year-old downtown Baker, Montana.

Enjoy a night out at one of various Fallon County events including (but not limited to) hospital fundraisers, bowling, live music in a smoky bar, staying warm huddling together during a power outage.

Driving tour and hike through Medicine Rocks State Park.

Visit historic Ekalaka including the Long Pines, Carter County museum, the double-yellow-line through town.

Taste local cuisine like bison meat, homemade sausage, various baked goods.

Watch movies in the state-of-the-art living room on the $99 IKEA futon.

Pet the world's friendliest dogs and cats.

Listen to a typical couple quibble about fun things like ex's, money, housework and clothing.

Call now to reserve your fun-filled weekend!!!

New favorite quote: Broke, maybe. Poor... never.


Mom said...

I can think of a few more "features" of Baker: bowling pizza, antlers-on-a-post; cold, cold, cold and windy; leisurely breakfasts in town; great fuzzy sock shopping; 99 cent sale earrings.

Amy in Colorado said...

wow.. sounds like the old west circa 2008 to me!!