Saturday, December 20, 2008

Go White!! (not as racist as it sounds)

- or -

The Plevna Cougars vs the Terry Terriers

Last night we went to our first Plevna Cougars basketball game. We missed the girls game at 6:30 but were just in time for the boys at 7:30. It was really neat to see all of our neighbors and their kids. As we looked over the program Stephan's comment was, "at least we've got them outnumbered." Our 11 boys (Reid, Taylor, Levi, Blayne, Kendall, Will, Cody, Matt, Joe, Jacob and Chad) were playing against their 6 (Trevor, Weston, Jerett, Tanner, Kyle and Mike).

What I couldn't figure out was why the woman behind me kept yelling, "Go Wyatt!" and "Way to go Wyatt!" I kept looking over the program to try to figure out which kid was named Wyatt... but there weren't any.

It took me more than 1/2 the game to realize that, since it was a home game, the Plevna Cougars were wearing mostly wahyt uniforms.

Yeah, and I've also been told to "Girl-bull up."

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