Monday, August 2, 2010

Begin starting... NOW!

What am I starting? A new massage and Healing Touch company! I've named it, given it a website, scheduled a few publicity dates, and thrown the proverbial dove into the wind. When I started a business in Montana it seemed easy enough. I had a cheap but amazing space in the hospital, and instant clients. Here, not so much.

Although the process for gaining and maintaining a client base is the same, for some reason I'm much more nervous about the stability of a company in "the big city". In Montana I had nothing to lose, and, I suppose, I still don't. But overcoming the fear and doubt that ride along with the decision to start my own project is something I'm working on.

Even saying that it's my own, like I own it, gives weight to this ephemoral massage therapy company.

Check out the website, email me with comments and suggestions. I may not change what I'm doing based on what you say, but I like getting the feedback.

Check it out: Your Place or Mine


Kristenanne said...

if you use words like ephemoral during massage...I will send you clients for the rest of my life!!!

... said...

Ok! Deal!!!

KRISTEN!!! When you come back we should totally put together packages of at home & hair/massage. How perfect would that be??

Kristenanne said...

That would be perfection at it's best. I'm totally down sista!!!