Sunday, August 1, 2010

Radio in the City

I can't find the post where I described the radio stations in Baker, MT. But you remember that we had 2 stations: classic rock and Western (not country). One thing I noticed just today was how annoying the commercials are i the city. In just one commercial break tonight the commercials were:

Cash 4 Gold
Debt Consilodators
America's Lost Masterpiece
Some weight-loss pill that's not a pill
Mortgage Reduction Help

I'm not sure what is bothering me about all of these. Maybe I'm just too used to listening to public radio... but I'm not all that concerned with being poor, old, or fat. And if I was, I wouldn't call any of those people to help me with it.

Am I wrong?

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Kristenanne said...

no...I want to shoot the radio stations in Chicago with my 38 special.