Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Overheard: Guest Blog (kind of)

Him: Ok, what do you like about living here?

Me: The food? Hanging out with our families so often, except that that's offset by how much I miss hanging out with our Montana friends.... why? What are you doing?

Him: Um...

Me: Are you BLOGGING????

Him: I'm just writing it in a Word Document and you can make it pretty.

So, here it is: Stephan's take on this whole moving thing...

Him: OK…it’s true, we miss our Montana friends daily. It’s also true that if one more son of a @#$%^& cuts me off in traffic only to slam on his brakes and flip me the bird, that I will be facing charges for aggravated assault and battery. I figure Blagolavich got off…so can I. I do want to say that this new phase of our life is filled with good things. Watching family members smother Sawyer in kisses, seeing grade school buddies for a Sat. night beer, and yummy ethnic foods are all good for the soul. We have a beautiful home (with curbside garbage and recycling!), a membership to the Field Museum, and the greatest football team in the history of the NFL plays 40 minutes down the road. Someday, we might win the lottery and be able to afford a ticket! I’m learning a ton at the ‘big city’ ER and both Anna and I are checking out adjunct staff positions at community colleges.

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